Welcome to
the Nordkreuz

Our familiar hotel and restaurant is located centrally between the city Flensburg and Harrislee.

Furthermore, the hotel has a direct connection to the B200/A7. It should be specially interest for our business guests and families, who like to continue the travel to Scandinavian.

Our dedicated, authentically friendly team will devote themselves to your wellbeing. We’d like to afford you a relaxing and very pleasant stay.


Surroundings and attractions

Fest groß

and standards

In addition to our standards such as Nordic friendliness, comfort, warmth and coziness, we offer even more standards and services.


Exclusive equipment

Enjoy in addition to our standards such as free Wi-Fi, a bar and friendly service also an exclusive equipment. Our rooms are lovingly and exclusively furnished for you.

At the Baltic Sea

Our well-kept, family-run restaurant and hotel is located within walking distance of the Baltic Sea. It is also possible to reach the water directly by bus.

Bathroom and hair dryer

In our house, each of our rooms has its own bathroom with a hair dryer, a mirror, a toilet, a sink and at least one shower or a bath.

Free WiFi

The majority of guests wish free Wi-Fi in the hotel. Internet access is one of the standards of the house. We offer in-room wireless internet access as a free service.

Restaurant and bar

In addition to our Nordic friendliness, our restaurant offers comfort, warmth, relaxation, delicious food and cosiness. At our bar you will find everything you can imagine.

Media and TV

In our house, each of our rooms has its own TV with TV connection. So you stay even without business, entertained.


Please notice, first we have to check your enquiry if rooms are available. We will send you a confirmation for your booking to your denoted mail address. For further questions you may have do not hesitate contacting us.