About the hotel

Wellcome to
Hotel am Nordkreuz

Our familiar hotel and restaurant is located centrally between the city Flensburg and Harrislee. Furthermore, the hotel has a direct connection to the B200/A7. It should be specially interest for our business guests and families, who like to continue the travel to Scandinavian.

Our dedicated, authentically friendly team will devote themselves to your wellbeing. We’d like to afford you a relaxing and very pleasant stay.

The hotel is located very central. You have only to go a few of minutes to visit the center of Harrislee. Besides, there is a good bus service to reach the beaches in Wassersleben and Ostseebad. You can also take the bus to reach the beautiful city Flensburg. The city has many facilities: You have the opportunity to visit the historic city, the oldest rum city, to take a walk through the romantic warehouse district or to go shopping in the loving pedestrian zone.

Our guests, who like the maritime flair, should absolutely visit the old harbor, especially the historic steam boat “Alexandra” and the museums of shipyard. The steam boat “Alexandra” is the last passenger steam boat, which drives to the sea, in Germany.

We have not only extended the hotel, we have also improved ourselves

On one hand we have extend the number of rooms from 16 to 26 and on the other hand we have modernizes all our rooms to get more comfortable.

Based on the rising demand of mostly Scandinavian guests decides Haleh Yagouthy, the owner of the hotel, to expend the “Hotel am Nordkreuz”.

Furthermore, the restaurant “Clair de Lune” gets a new name and a new style. A new French-Scandinavian designs in combination with a German cuisine with a hint of France. The restaurant name “Clair de lune” has the meaning moonshine, what is likewise the same meaning of the Iranian name of the hotel owner Haleh Yagouty.

Aschkan Zonobi, the son of Haleh Yagouty, is responsible for the restaurant. He has completed his training as a fully trained hotel clerk in the five stars superior hotel “Alter Meierhof” in Glücksburg. Based on his effort and expert knowledge, he was able to abridge the training to two and a half years instead of three years.

After the training, he was working for one year as a permanent employee to further deepen his knowledge. Aschkan Zonobi is looking forward to welcome you to his restaurant and surprising you with fresh, delicious food and corresponding wines.